Maple Hill Cemetery Association is committed to providing burial space to meet the current and future needs of the community. We have a variety of interment spaces available, indoors and out. We offer traditional graves for casket burial or cremated remains, as well as niches that hold cremated remains in our Columbaria.

On the day of the interment, the burial site will be prepared according to our specifications, taking into account any special arrangements that have been made. For a traditional burial, our staff will work with the funeral director to escort the funeral procession to the site and to assist in placing the casket or urn and arranging any flowers around the grave. Our staff will provide you and your guests with privacy during the committal service. Our staff will then lower the casket or urn and fill the grave; some families choose to be present and even help in the process of filling the grave.

The professional staff at Maple Hill Cemetery is committed to carrying out each burial with dignity and respect.

Maple Hill Cemetery grounds